Triplets going to Virginia Tech, sharing room, majoring in engineering

Stebelton triplets shared room since birth

ROANOKE – There is a lot of Hokie pride in Virginia Tech families, but one family is getting triple the excitement this year.

Duncan, Ian and Caelan are the Stebelton triplets.

"The Stebs or the triplets is usually what we're called when we're grouped together," said Ian Stebelton.

The brothers at 3-years old. (Courtesy: Stebelton Family)

The three are from Ohio and will study engineering in Blacksburg this fall.

"I was Virginia Tech from the start. I wasn't really considering any other schools," said Caelan Stebelton. "Even though we are triplets and we're really close we are also independent. I wanted them to go where ever they felt was best. I was telling them how great the program was at Tech and stuff like that and eventually they just ended up leaning towards that way."

The three have shared a room for 18 years and plan to keep the streak going, rooming together again in Lee Hall.

"Part of me wanted to branch out but I figured we have lived in a room for 18 years what's two, maybe three more?" said Duncan Stebelton.

All three even shared being high school valedictorian.

The triplets at 8-years old (Courtesy: Stebelton Family)

"It's nice having these two around and I'm sure they'll say the same thing because a lot of things in my house are a competition. Everything's a competition. So what grade did you get on that test? Who has the best ACT score? That competition, we push each other to do better and I think that really helped us become the top of our class," said Ian Stebelton.

There are some differences like what they plan to major in.

Duncan hopes to major in biomedical engineering. Ian plans on majoring in aerospace engineering. Caelan plans on majoring in computer engineering

You can tell they are close and plan to stay that way a little longer.

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