Man took video up women's skirts at UCF graduation, police say

Jesse Alan Wiggins, 27, of Wildwood, arrested on video voyeurism charges

Jesse Alan Wiggins.
Jesse Alan Wiggins.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A 27-year-old Wildwood man accused of using a cellphone to take videos up women’s skirts at a University of Central Florida graduation on May 4 has been arrested, according to university police. 

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said a woman who was walking with her 10-year-old daughter noticed that Jesse Alan Wiggins’ arm was extended down toward the steps while he held the phone with the camera facing up, so she notified security.

Investigators said Wiggins denied taking any pictures or videos and handed his phone over to police.

On it was video up the dresses of the woman and her daughter, as well as an additional video from the same day of up the dress of another woman, police said. Beary said UCFPD is trying to identify that woman now.

"She needs to know what was going on and we would really like to talk to her," Beary said.

Authorities said similar videos were also found on the phone, but it was unclear when and where they were recorded. Wiggins deleted someone videos on the phone, but detectives were able to use cyber forensic techniques to recover the deleted videos.

Detectives said they found other videos and images on Wiggins phone of more victims that weren't taken at the UCF arena. 

UCF police said Wiggins has no affiliation with the university. Attendees needed tickets to get in and authorities believe he was invited by someone.

Nicole Wrobel, a UCF employee, said the incident makes her feel unsafe.

"I'm upset that happened and he was able to do that in public space. Especially like an event like graduation, it's a big deal," Wrobel said. 

Wiggins told police he was there to see his fiance graduate, but detectives haven't been able to confirm that connection.

Beary said Wiggins changed his name from Jesse Willis to Jesse Wiggins on Monday for an unknown reason.

Wiggins was arrested in Alachua County Wednesday and was charged with video voyeurism to a child under 16 and video voyeurism to an adult victim. Beary said UCF will not tolerate the behavior.

"His behavior is disgusting, shameful and illegal, and that's why we have hit him with the charges we have and hope to add to those charges," Beary said.

Authorities are asking anyone else who believes they may have been or know someone who may have been impacted by the crime to call detectives at 407-823-5555.

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