Teacher uses 5,000 water balloons to help special-needs students experience Splash Day

Teacher organizes water day for her students with physical impairments

ORLANDO, Fla. – The exceptional student education class at Colonial High School were in for a summer treat on Tuesday with over 5,000 balloons, multiple inflatable pools and floats their teacher, Rachel Minnear, managed to host a Splash Day for her students.

As a teacher, Minnear doesn't receive a paycheck for two months of the summer. So, to make this tactile treat a reality for her students, she had to get creative.

"I’m about to go into July without getting paid, so I contacted a bunch of balloon companies and told them my goal and mission," Minnear said.

Bunch O' Balloons came through for Minnear and her students by donating 5,500 balloons.

Minnear said many of her students with physical impairments can't support their body weight enough to sit up in water, so she knew kiddie pools with water balloons would allow students to feel the same sensation as being in an actual pool without the danger of drowning.

"For my classroom the majority of my students are physically impaired. Almost everyone of my students is in a wheelchair," Minnear said.

About 30 ESE students got a chance to splish splash in the water and slide their way to fun after Minnear received donations from local businesses.

"My job as their educator is to think of anyway to get them out of that chair and have fun and there’s no better way to do that then to get in the pool and a pool of orbs," Minnear explained.

Papa John's also donated pizza so the children could further enjoy their Splash Day. 

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