Debate brews over name of Stonewall Jackson Middle School in Orlando

Principal posts survey on school website

By Mark Lehman - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - A debate over an Orange County School's name has led the principal to ask for the community's input on a possible name change.

In a message posted on the website of Stonewall Jackson Middle School, a seven-question survey asks questions about whether the school should change its name.

Principal Jhunu Mohapatra said the initial request came from a former student.

Stonewall Jackson Middle is named after Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, a Confederate general during the Civil War and one of the most well-known Confederate leaders after General Robert E. Lee.

In the Stonewall Jackson Middle School survey, responders are asked if they support the change and whether the school should be renamed or simply remove "Stonewall" from the name.

The principal did not say how long the survey would be accessible or what the next step would be on the possible name change.

The name change debate comes nearly a year after the Orange County School Board voted to change the name of another school.

By a 7-1 vote last February, the board changed the name of Robert E. Lee Middle School to College Park Middle.

Supporters of the move said the name was rooted in racism, while critics of the change said the board was rewriting history.

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