How to prepare for the first day of kindergarten

Starting school can be scary for children. They might be nervous to go to a new place and interact with new people. Here's how you can prepare your child for their first day of kindergarten.

1. Explain the schedule

Sit down and walk your child through what time school begins and ends each day. The routine will help them adjust, especially if it's explained to them beforehand.

2. Ask them how they're feeling

This might seem obvious, but allowing your child to communicate with you about their feelings (whether they are good or bad) is beneficial to both parties.

3. Highlight the positives

Make sure to emphasize the positive aspects of starting school, like meeting new friends.

4. Find after school activities

Finding after school activities that your child will find fun and exciting is a great way to make them feel more positively about school.

5. Let them know you are there

It's a good idea to reassure your children that you will be there to help them if any issues arise at school. Knowing that mom and dad will be there for you no matter what will help ease the transition.

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