Oak Ridge's Jonathan Jones named Athlete of Week

At 6 feet and 225 pounds, mostly of muscle, Oak Ridge linebacker Jonathan Jones is physically impressive on the field.

The way he carries that frame is even more so. The senior is a leader vocally and by example for a pioneer team that's off to a 3-0 start.

"Since my sophomore year, since I’ve been here, I always try go out there and put my heart on the field and go hard," says Jonathan, "But it's more of a cherished moment now."

Mature for his age, Jones began playing football in the eighth grade. At first, he didn't like it.

"I wasn't the greatest, honestly, I hated football for a little bit,” Jones said.

Then, he grew to love it and got good at it.

He's so good that Jonathan is among the top 15 recruits in the country at inside linebacker.

"Right now, my top five is Duke, Notre Dame, Stanford, Michigan and UCF," says Jonathan. "Since day one, that was one of the huge things that motivated me to stay in football, you know, I could go to college for this."

Jones says he's also motivated by his faith and the people in his life.

"I have so many people in my corner. I have teammates to deans to principals to people I’ve never even seen before: just not to let them down and doing the right thing all the time."

On Friday, Jones and the Pioneers take on Freedom and will try to improve to 4-0.
Oak Ridge's Jonathan Jones: the Academy Sports and Outdoors Athlete of the Week.

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