Busch Gardens polls Facebook fans to name baby sloth

Female baby sloth born at park on April 2


TAMPA, Fla. – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is asking for your help to name the park's female baby sloth.

The baby two-toed Linne's sloth was born on April 2. Guests can see the baby sloth and her mother, Daisy, at Jambo Junction.

Fans can vote from the following names selected by the park's animal care staff: 

• Lily, which means “majesty and honor”
• Iris, which means “hope and friendship”
• Yiscel, which means “beautiful girl” and is in honor of Yiscel Yanguez, the co-founder of APPC (Panamerican Conservation Association), who personally rescues, rehabilitates, and releases sloths as well as other naïve wildlife in Panama.

You can vote by logging onto Busch Gardens' Facebook page.