88-year-old Justin Timberlake fan surprised with tickets to Orlando concert

Granddaughter put tickets to Amway Center in Easter basket

ORLANDO, Fla. – A grandmother got the surprise of a lifetime Sunday when her granddaughter put Justin Timberlake tickets in the 88-year-old woman's Easter basket.

Bette Maloney said she considers herself a JT superfan. She's been learning all of the new Timberlake songs in the car on the way to physical therapy, follows his every move on social media and really wanted to go to his upcoming "Man of the Woods" concert in Orlando. 

However, her daughter felt it wouldn't be safe to be out in such a big crowd by herself. Maloney asked her granddaughter to come along instead.

"I brought it up to my youngest granddaughter, who is more my style, and (she) said, 'OK, let's see if we can get two tickets," Maloney said.

Instead, she was surprised with four tickets: one for her and three for her daughter and two granddaughters. The granddaughter posted her grandmother's reaction to finding the tickets in her Easter basket on Instagram, and now hundreds have viewed it and commented on the sweet gesture.

Maloney didn't get backstage tickets but said she knows what she would do if somehow she could meet the superstar.

"I would hug him, because I'm a hugger," Maloney said. "I would not shake his hand."

This isn't Maloney's first Timberlake concert. She also went to the "20/20 Experience." Timberlake performs at the Amway in Orlando May 14. Tickets are currently for sale.