Disney releases teaser trailer for remake of 'Dumbo'

Movie due in theaters in March

1941: "Dumbo," the fourth animated Disney movie, premieres in theaters. The movie proved to be the most financially successful Disney film of the 1940s, earning $1.6 million during its original run compared to its $950,000 production cost. "Dumbo" won the Academy Award for Original Music Score and one of its songs, "Baby Mine," was nominated for Best Original Song. (Walt Disney Productions)

LOS ANGELES – Disney has released its first teaser trailer for Tim Burton's remake of the classic "Dumbo."

The live-action film stars Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, Alan Arkin, Eva Green and Michael Keaton.

Originally released in 1941, "Dumbo" is the story of an elephant with big ears who can fly.

The trailer features clips of Dumbo taking flight and Norwegian pop star Aurora singing "Baby Mine."

"Dumbo" is due in theaters in March.