Behind the Scenes: Making of an escape room

News 6 goes behind scenes of rooms inside The Escape Game

ORLANDO, Fla. – Inside the The Escape Game on International Drive, Trisha Edwards and her friend, Linton Tyler, break a bar of soap to find a key that will unlock another clue inside the escape room called Prison Break. 

"This has to go to something," Trisha said.

Prison Break is the hardest game available to solve within 60 minutes.

"We have seven different rooms, soon to be nine," said J.D. Rees, assistant manager of The Escape Game.

The two new rooms will be at The Escape Game next month which will evolve from the clues involving locks and puzzles to a high-tech, digital experience.

"We can officially announce that our two brand new games are going to be Special Ops and Playground," Rees said. 

Playground will allow groups of up to 12 people to play. The Mission: Finish all of your assignments and get a report card before you can play a big kickball game against fifth graders. 

Special Ops puts you in a military operation mission. 

"What we are moving towards more and more is a huge room filled with wires and basically we want to make these experiences to where if you pick up an item, something is triggered in the room, just by picking up the item," Rees said. 

The new rooms are built at The Escape Game headquarters in Nashville and will be delivered piece-by-piece to Orlando.

"We actually built the entire floor plan to scale in our shop and we can put the props," said Ben, who is Game Development featured on a YouTube video showing the making of Special Ops.

The new themed rooms are already open at the Jacksonville location and will be open in the International Drive location mid-to late April. For more information, click here.

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