Fans were not pleased with last night's episode of 'Game of Thrones'

The episode was 'dark and full of terrors'


*Warning: Major spoilers for Sundays night's episode of "Game of Thrones" are below.*

Finally, after eight seasons of waiting for Daenerys to invade King's Landing, kill Cersei and take her spot on the Iron Throne, fans finally got to see it all go down on Sunday's penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones," and the general reaction was "meh."

While there were some highlights (you can't deny that "Cleganebowl" was pretty epic), a lot of viewers walked away not thrilled with the choices that were made by the characters.

Social media lit up faster than Dany could say "dracarys" with people complaining or arguing about how the show handled the last few episodes. Not only were fans upset that Dany changed her mind so quickly when she decided to destroy King's Landing and its citizens (and yes, that includes children), but Cersei's death was anti-climactic, all of Jaime's choices made no sense and Arya stressed everyone out the entire episode. 

Here are a few tweets of people questioning last night's episode. 







Like many people pointed out on social media, it seemed that she show's writers threw out everything we knew to be true about these characters, right out the window.

Yes, we've seen Dany use her dragons to light people on fire for multiple seasons, but they were her enemies. One of the highlights of the show was watching Dany's dragons burn down anything that got in her way because they were usually bad people. But in last night's episode, we saw her use her dragons to destroy innocent lives. Couldn't she have just torched the Red Keep where Cersei was and call it a day? 

It's also important to note that it's not necessarily a bad thing that Dany became the Mad Queen, but at least show us how we got here. We've been told that Dany is the "Breaker of Chains" for years, but now, all of a sudden, she's just going to ignore the cries of innocent children as she lights them on fire? 

Cersei and Jaime's character arcs also led to a disappointing finish. Cersei has been one of the show's greatest villains, and to see her get crushed by rocks while wrapped around her brother's arms was the lamest way to kill her off. This was a character who once orchestrated for all of her enemies to be in one place and literally blew them up and barely flinched as she watched from afar. Fans couldn't wait to see Cersei get killed by Arya or Dany in a totally grand and wicked way, so her death last night was very underwhelming. 

The same can be said for her brother, Jaime. For someone who started off as an unlikable, pompous character, Jaime has grown so much in eight seasons that it was beyond wild to see him run all the way back to Cersei, only to die with her in the end. There were so many good things to like about Jaime, and him resorting back to his worst quality undid so much of who he had become. 

It seems that next week's episode will come down to a final showdown between Dany and Jon Snow, now that their relationship seems damaged beyond repair. Jon is a man of honor, so it doesn't seem likely he will be the one to take down Dany.

Will Arya do it, since she wasn't able to kill Cersei? Will Sansa show up to say "I told you so?" What is going to happen to Tyrion? 

With just one episode left, we will surely find out. 

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