Program teaches Orange County students to 'WalkSafe'

Orlando tops list of 'most dangerous pedestrian city'


ORLANDO, Fla. – Metro Orlando tops the list for most dangerous cities for walkers. That's why a pedestrian safety program has been implemented in Orange County Public Schools.

The WalkSafe program teaches elementary students the basics of crossing the street safely.

Patti Gordon, a teacher at Millenia Elementary, shows students the basic rules of the road like always looking left, right, left for cars, and always crossing at intersection. 

The WalkSafe program recreates a busy roadway and real-life scenarios

Gordon said in an area like Orlando, where so many different cultures are blended, it's important to stress the basics.

"A lot of my students are from Haiti and there are different rules, and the program incorporates every single rule and teaches it in a basic way for a child to learn," Gordon said.

Amanda Day is from Bike/Walk Central Florida, the organization that helped bring WalkSafe to the the area. Day said improving safety for pedestrians starts with the students sharing their knowledge.

"They'll say, 'No! Stop, look, listen.' That's how actual change happens, kids teaching their parents," Day said.

The program is taught to Orange County students in kindergarten through second grade. For more information, visit www.iyield4peds.org.

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