Brother takes dying sister to her first dance

Rebekah Spader, 10, diagnosed with MDS

Rebekah and AJ Spader (KSFY)
Rebekah and AJ Spader (KSFY)

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – When looking for a date to a high school dance, A.J. Spader didn't have to look far.

Spader decided to ask his 10-year-old sister Rebekah to attend the Valentine's winter formal because more likely than not, she will never experience her own high school dance.

KSFY reports that Rebekah was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) several years ago.

MDS are diseases that slow down or stop the making of blood cells.

After a bone marrow transplant failed, Rebekah's family chose to put off any more treatment in order for her to live the life she has left to the fullest.

And that life included her brother's offer to join him at the formal, which included dinner with A.J. and his classmates and their dates.

“He's thinking about his sister and she's not going to get to go to the prom or the formal when she's in high school because she's probably not going to make it to high school, so he just wanted to give her that memory,” A.J. and Rebekah's dad, Tony, told KSFY.

Unfortunately, Rebekah was so tired after dinner she didn't feel well enough to attend the actual dance, but the experience of being a princess for a night was one that her, A.J. and their family will never forget.