Company creates interactive 'Smart Pajamas'

Invention criticized for promoting 'lazy parenting'

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ORLANDO, Fla. - An American company has created a new line of pajamas with an interactive design that can be scanned to download bed time stories.

"Smart Pajamas" have specially designed graphics printed onto the pajamas. Each contains a different story that can be accessed by simply scanning the design with a smart phone.

"Smart Pajamas" users download a free app to go along with the outfit. Once a child scans a design, a story will be displayed on the smart phone. Kids can read or listen to the story and see pictures to go along with each tale.

The idea has been met with criticism online. Commenters complain the pajamas are unnecessary and could take away from important parent-children interaction when reading a physical book together.

"This is truly lazy parenting," one commenter writes.

"Let them hear see and touch and share a real book with the real voice…of mom and dad," another commenter says.

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