Orlando church tries to crack code for old Amway Arena Jumbotron

Faith Assembly needs password for video screen bought at auction

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - The old Amway Arena's Jumbotron has a new home at Faith Assembly church. 

The 16-by-9 screen sits prominently in the church's atrium, a popular gathering spot for members. But, for now, the screen is blank because of software issues.

The screen, which the church purchased from an auction, was originally in standard definition, but Faith Assembly's new building is wired for high definition. 

According to Executive Pastor Robb Hawks, the reconfiguration is a simple 10-minute job, once they access the password.  And he says, so far, they've had no luck guessing.

"We've tried O-rena, Magic, the years of the Magic, all combinations thereof," said Hawks. "We've put in names of dogs and pets. So far, nothing."

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He says only two people knew the password.  One recently died, and the other is a man named "Frank" who used to work for the Magic.

"I've got a suspicion it's going to the name of the guy's dog or something," Hawks said. " It's going to be something no one in their right mind would come up with without knowing him more intimately."

Local 6 spoke to the senior pastor's assistant on Thursday and said Frank contacted the church, but he doesn't remember the password.  Frank said he's trying to contact the family of his deceased colleague in an effort to crack the code.

Also, a local contractor who used to work on the monitors at the old Amway Arena is also offering to help find the missing password.

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