What happened to vending machine pizza?

News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth finds device removed from zoo

SANFORD, Fla. – It's the greatest idea since Willis Carrier invented the world's first air conditioner: a vending machine that spits out pizza in a matter of minutes.

And the best part? The gift from the pizza gods was being introduced at two locations in Central Florida -- in Lakeland and at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford.

It sounded too good not to try, so in October I made my way out to the zoo for a little taste test.

To my surprise, the pizza was really good. My expectations were low -- I mean, it's made in a vending machine -- but it was still a solid little personal pan.

Again, that happened in October. Fast forward to Thursday and I was heading back to the zoo for "This Just In."

While driving east on I-4, I started to crave pizza, and then remembered where we were going: the mecca of pizza.

However, to my surprise, when I got to where the vending machine had been located at the zoo, it was gone -- replaced with a painting where kids can put their heads through holes to become a flower, butterfly or caterpillar.

Instead of having pizza at your disposal in just under 3 minutes, you can now instantly become a bug or a plant.

Upset, I asked zoo officials what happened, and they said the machine was breaking far too often, and they had the developer take it back.

We contacted the vending machine maker but have not heard back yet.

Meanwhile, I'm still craving a slice of pepperoni.

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