ClickO on the Go: Controversial yearbook, UF grads rushed off stage


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Here's what you need to know Monday, May 7:

Celebrating college graduates rushed off stage

The president of the University of Florida apologized on behalf of his administration for rushing students through Saturday's graduation ceremonies. Watch videos here that show a UF employee physically moving students along while they were strolling or chanting across the stage.

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Controversial high school yearbook pages 

Seminole County school leaders are already calling for changes to be made in how a school's yearbook is reviewed after they said controversial pages were published. Parents told News 6 they're angry at how two pages in the Lake Brantley High School yearbook appear to be glorify vaping and being rude to teachers. Read more here.

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A buggy tale

A Melbourne woman shared her horrifying account with News 6 of waking up with a palmetto bug in her ear. That's the polite name for a flying cockroach, for those of you not acquainted with the reviled Sunshine State insects. Parts of the bug remained in her ear for nine days! 

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Wet weather clears

The rain has moved out, making way for a very warm, sunny Monday in the Orlando area. Orlando is expected to see a high of 90 degrees. See the full forecast here.

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