Top 5 Instagram-worthy ice cream shops in Orlando

Customers post the most photos of these sweet treats

ORLANDO, Fla. – What do you do when you visit an ice cream shop?  Eat some ice cream, of course. But a popular trend is also taking colorful pictures of your sweet treat.

We found the most Instagram-worthy ice cream shops in Orlando, not including theme parks.

The following ice cream shops have the most photos tagged at each of their locations on Instagram.

 5. 5fx Ice Cream: 311 photos tagged

688 N. Alafaya Trail, No. 104, Orlando, (Waterford Lakes) 32828


[Bottom: Watermelon ice cream, chocolate chips and M&Ms.  Top: Blackberry ice cream, mochi, fruity pebbles and an Oreo.]

5fx Ice Cream ranked fifth of the top places to take pictures of your sweet treat.

The shop’s ice cream is rolled.  It includes wild flavors like green tea, watermelon and lavender. 

4. Greenery Creamery: 581 photos tagged

420 E. Church St., Unit 112, Orlando, 32801


[Top: Vegan black-ash cone, mango ice cream and vegan ash-black coconut ice cream with sprinkles. Bottom: Vegan black-ash cone, vegan toasted almond ice cream and cherry ice cream.]

The Greenery Creamery came in fourth, serving an alternative to milk-based ice cream.

This ice cream shop serves a variety of vegan ice cream flavors, made with a coconut-cream base. 

3. Mr. Cool Ice Cream: 684 photos tagged 

6550 International Drive No. 104, Orlando, 32819


[Top: Toasted Marshmallow. Bottom: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream.]

Mr. Cool Ice Cream ranked third on the list of cool picture-taking opportunities.

One of the most popular ice cream options on the menu is the "Mickey Mouse," a local Orlando specialty. 

2. The Soda Fountain: 810 photos tagged

2525 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, 32804


[Top: The Zoo, including: mint chocolate chip, chocolate, elephant ear, strawberry and stellar coffee. Bottom: Apocalypto.] 

No. 2 on the list is The Soda Fountain, which has mostly ice cream (not soda).

This dog-friendly ice cream store has over 25 specialty combinations to offer, including a giant bowl of ice cream that is bigger than your head!

1. Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream: 1,034 photos tagged

3114 Corrine Drive, Orlando, 32803


[Top: Sprinkled waffle cone with cookie monster and strawberry ice cream. Bottom: Ice Cream tray: dark chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry, cake batter-n-sprinkles and mint chocolate chip.]

According to Instagram, the most Instagram-worthy ice cream shop in Orlando is Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream.

This shop has a range of colorful ice cream options and an ice cream cone backdrop to take sweet pictures in front of.