What not to buy: 7 of the most returned Christmas gifts

Are you gifting what most people return?


In the spirit of giving gifts at Christmas, it’s really the thought that counts, right? Maybe.

No one has to know if you don’t like one of the presents you’ve received and plan on returning it to the store quickly after the holidays.

There is a way to avoid gift returns: knowing the most returned Christmas gifts and not purchasing those items for the ones you love.

Without further adieu, the most returned Christmas gifts are the following, according to Veritas Gifts.


Either you don’t like them or they don’t fit. Let’s avoid buying anyone shoes unless they’ve specifically requested them.

Kitchen appliances

Counter space is limited, so when you gift someone a toaster, coffee pot, waffle maker or any other kitchen appliance they probably already have one they love.


People are quite particular when it comes to scents they don’t like, so many candles get returned.

Gym wear

Not sure this is a gift of love and thoughtfulness unless someone really enjoys working out and wearing gym clothes. For some, it can be a sore reminder they need to be more active. Tread lightly here.


Who still watches DVDs? Thanks to streaming services, no one needs to thin movie boxes piling up in their household and collecting dust.


People’s houses are already full of glassware, so they don’t need another wine glass with a silly saying when they probably already have five more just like it from many Christmas’ past. How about gifting a delicious beverage instead?


This is a risky gift because makeup shades are very personal to individuals.

Now that you’ve been warned, happy shopping.

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