Coronavirus keeping you indoors? Workout like an FBI agent

Download FBI Physical Fitness Test App

Workout like an FBI agent
Workout like an FBI agent

If you’re looking to elevate your at-home workouts while social distancing, consider training like a secret agent. It’s as simple as downloading an app.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has made its physical fitness test available via an app. So whether you’re hoping to join the force one day or just looking for a new workout to try, you can get a taste of what some of the toughest U.S. agents have to go through using your smartphone.

The FBI posted about its app on Twitter, promoting social distancing while saying its fitness test is perfect for an indoor workout.

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Users will be able to watch videos that demonstrate proper form and procedures for each component of the test. It also uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to provide the true FBI training experience.

After getting an overview of the test, you can choose to take on the challenge by creating a profile and powering through the workout. At the end of the fitness test, you’ll be scored with the latest FBI scoring system and protocol used for applicants.

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“Whether you’re an aspiring agent hoping to see if you have what it takes or a fitness enthusiast curious about agent training, this mobile application will help you learn the benchmarks of the official FBI Physical Fitness Test,” the website states.

Warning: We’ve been told passing the fitness test has inspired others to apply and consider a career change, but this isn’t the only requirement to become an FBI agent.

Apple users can download the FBI Physical Fitness Test here. Android users can use this link.

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