Does your internet feel slower while working from home? Here’s how you can test it

Location settings matter

A man working on his laptop.
A man working on his laptop. (Shutterstock image)

In a workforce largely remade by the COVID-19 pandemic, people are relying on their internet to still have a sense of normalcy while trying to work from home.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to clock in from one’s living room and have a lunch break in a fully-stocked kitchen. Only technological difficulties can get in the way of your perfect work-from-home day and that largely relies on your internet connection, which may feel like it’s getting slower.

That’s because it is.

Recent studies show that home internet is slowing down in parts of the country as much of America turns to their screens during the pandemic.

Here’s how to see how fast your internet is:

You can check your internet speed by going to and searching “internet speed test.”

Your first search result will be the test. Click or tap speed test and it’ll test your download and upload speed (upload speed is typically slower).

In 2019, the average download speed is 33.88 mps with the average upload speed to be around 9.75 mps, according to So, if you’re numbers aren’t too far off from those, you’re in good shape.

Do this twice to compare and contrast if your speeds are changing and you’ll have your answer for yourself.

It’s important to have location settings on so the speed test reports are as accurate as they can be.

To note, Wi-FI is known to have inconsistent speeds so taking the speed test could have different results.

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