Ever heard of the Raccoon Whisperer? These videos will leave you speechless

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There’s nothing like a bond between human and pets, no matter how unusual it is.

Just ask James Blackwood, of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Instead of dogs, cats, birds or other common household pets, Blackwood is a passionate caretaker of raccoons, dubbing himself the “Raccoon Whisperer.”

It’s not just a couple of the furry creatures that Blackwood takes care of.

On his YouTube channel that can be seen here, one video shows him feeding 25 raccoons at the same time, many of whom stand up on their hind legs near him, to beg for the food.

One of the videos shows Blackwood feeding the raccoons peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

On the channel, Blackwood said he has been rehabbing raccoons for 20 years. The animals live in some nearby woods.

At last check, this video posted about a week ago had 9.8 million views.

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