Target provides healthier options at check-out line

More health conscious options now available

(Kellie Keesee/CNN)

The health craze is catching like fire and big businesses like Target are jumping on the bandwagon.

According to an article on WTSP, Target will be making a change that will affect your check-out experience.

Check-out lines will no longer be stocked with chips, candy, and pastries but instead provide customers with healthier options such as granola and low-calorie grab and go snacks.

In a recent partnership with Fitbit Inc., 300,000 Target employees will receive free fitness trackers, along with additional discounts on fruit and vegetable items. Target's new health conscious image will also include more organic and natural items on the shelves.

The decision to move in a more health friendly direction follows the decision made by CVS to stop selling cigarettes at their location. CVS brought Target pharmacy and clinic locations in June.