Pop-Tarts pop up five new flavors

Release will begin in December


Pop-Tarts enthusiasts rejoice! The popular breakfast pastry will release five new flavors beginning in December and running through next spring, according to Delish.

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolatey caramel Pop-Tarts will hit store shelves in December. They will feature a chocolate crust full of caramel. The top will include more chocolate with a caramel icing drizzle. 

Maple and bacon combines America's favorite breakfast flavors into one toaster treat. The golden crust will be filled with maple bacon filling, topped with sweet white icing and sprinkled with salty "crunchlets." This flavor will also hit shelves in December.

Coming back with a fruity flare, Pop-Tarts are coming out with a watermelon flavor! The treat will have a sweet center with green and pink icing and will also hit stores in December.

Pop-Tarts will launch a limited edition of its strawberry flavor starting in 2016. The sweet strawberry filling will be the same, but the white icing will feature a "fun animation."

Last but not least, Pop-Tarts will bring everybody's favorite summer drink to shelves with its new pink lemonade Pop-Tarts. The pink-filled pastries with pink and yellow sprinkles will be a limited edition and released in spring 2016.