Soda maker offers political punch

Company creates Hillary Hooch, Trump Tonic

(FreeImages.com/J-rod J)

A soft drink company in Connecticut is featuring the presidential nominees in two new soda offerings, bringing Hillary Hooch and Trump Tonic to the masses, and voters.


Avery's Beverages in Connecticut has created caffeinated sodas named for the presumptive presidential nominees, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. According to the Associated Press, it's the third consecutive presidential campaign in which the soft drink maker has offered presidential-themed drinks.


The Trump Tonic has the slogan, "Make America grape again." A Facebook post by the company said Trump Tonic is "is bold and very acidic."


The Hillary Hooch is a berry soda, but the ingredients are marked classified.


The flavor of the Hillary Hooch described as "a bit more complex, it has a combination of raspberry and strawberry with a hint of lemon for some bitterness."


The company is tracking the sales of the two drinks and said write-in options are available "for those customers who are 'SODAsgusted' with the two mainstream choices."


According to the Associated Press, Barack O'Berry outsold both John McCream in 2008 and Cream de Mitt in 2012.