Got a pickle lover in your life? You will not believe these items are real -- like pickle candy canes

Anyone still looking for stocking stuffers? Kidding/not kidding

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For a lot of people, there isn’t much middle ground when it comes to pickles: You either love them or you hate them.

And it certainly seems there’s a decent number of pickle lovers out there, considering the pickle products that pop up from time to time: pickle chips made from real pickles, for example, or pickle pizza or -- get this because we’re really about to drop the mic! -- pickle candy canes, pickle cotton candy and gummy pickles.

Er, one giant gummy pickle, we should say.

(What the what?)

Yes, it’s true.

Look at these items from a company called Vat 19. We couldn’t believe this crazy site existed.

We’ll start with the candy canes.

A screenshot (Vat 19)

They’re described online like this: “Each cane blends two flavor favorites: the sugary sweetness of candy and the classic dill flavor of pickles. Like Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing a Christmas carol, this unexpected pairing produces surprisingly great results. And with their mild pickle flavor, these candy crooks aren’t just for gherkin devotees; leave them under the tree for anyone who likes a deliciously curious candy.”

Well, that answered any questions we had -- it sounds like it’s tart and sweet at the same time. If you’re into that sort of thing.

How about that cotton candy?

First things first, it’s sour dill-flavored.

A screenshot (Vat 19)

Ready for the description?

“You’re no doubt used to consuming pickles with a crunchy snap. But imagine savoring your dill delight on a pillowy cloud that dissolves on your tongue,” Vat 19 writes. “Pickle Cotton Candy is the sweet and sour treat that’s light, fluffy, and definitely tastes of pickles.”

The site says the unexpected pairing of pickle flavor with melts-in-your-mouth cotton candy texture makes this a “unique and interesting briny treat.”

And with that, we’ll head to the final item we mentioned earlier ...

A “good-sized gherkin made of gummy,” as it’s called online.

It supposedly has a distinctly sweet-and-sour dill taste.

(Is that good or bad?)

A screenshot (Vat 19)

“This all-gummy ‘vegetable’ is flavored like a sour dill pickle with the chewy texture of gummy,” Vat 19 said. “While still slightly sweet, the predominantly pickle flavor and realistic appearance will trick your taste buds into thinking you plucked it right from the jar. If you're a pickle fan, you're sure to love this gummy treat—warts and all.”

OK, we’re cringing!

There’s a surprisingly thorough question-and-answer section on the page, including gems such as:

Q: Why did you guys make a gummy pickle that taste like an actual pickle?

A: Because one did not yet exist.

So there you have it: three gummy products perfect for the pickle connoisseur in your life.

And hey, if you’re curious, Vat 19 also offers pickle hard candies, pickle ice pops, pickle soft drinks and even sour pickle balls, if you can believe such a thing exists -- although those are sold out as of the time of publication.

OK, moment of truth ...

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