Handmade caps keep heads warm, craftswoman's hands busy

Ormond Beach woman finds therapy while helping others

By Paul Giorgio - Producer

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Sandy Danforth is this week's News 6 Getting Results Award winner.

Danforth has created about 200 crochet caps and hats for children in cancer treatment as part of her nonprofit Chemo Caps With Love.  

A visit to her Ormond Beach home reveals bags of yarn in every color, waiting to be used for her next project. 

"It just depends on what the yarn is telling me to make," she said while weaving one of her latest creations as her hook darts in and out of the small cap. "I like the ones with the hair and I also like the sun hats."

The styles are as diverse as simple beanie hats to others that feature Danforth's take on several Disney characters, complete with hair made of yarn. 

She says no two are alike.

"Nobody is the same, so I try not to make my hats the same," she said. "Everybody gets a choice. Some may like purple. Some might like blue."

Danforth delivers the caps to Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, where they are distributed to some of their youngest patients. 

"We don't really get to see the children they give them to," she said. "I like to picture them smiling."

Danforth said the concentration and movement necessary to create the hats has been great therapy for her as she continues to recover from a stroke she suffered in 2009. 

"I've been crocheting since I was a teenager," Danforth said. "I picked it up from my grandmother and nana." 

Danforth said after the stroke that she had to learn the craft all over again. 

"As a stroke survivor, you have to learn everything again," she said. "The repetition helps." 

Danforth was nominated for the Getting Results Award by her husband, Roger.

"I'm proud of her," he said. "All the adversity she's gone through and to keep improving and improving." 

Roger Danforth said she's proof that if you put your mind to it you can do anything you want to do. 

"She's an inspirational young lady," he said smiling. "She's amazing. She gives so much and I just wanted people to know." 

Danforth along with Elanit Greenman, who started the non-profit in 2015, and Dianne Carter all contribute to Chemo Caps With Love.

If you would like to donate yarn to the project, you can contact Danforth through the Chemo Caps with Love Facebook page.

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