Victory Cup Initiative partners with schools to help nonprofits tell their story

Audubon Park, Sunridge students produce videos for nonprofits

Middle school students shoot a video for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, one of 10 nonprofits getting some help from local students and The Victory Cup Initiative.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Victory Cup Initiative is an organization dedicated to helping nonprofits find the skills and receive training to better tell their story. The group recently partnered with news teams from Audubon Park K8 School and Sunridge Middle School to produce videos for 10 nonprofits. Those organizations will share their stories in front of a live audience Wednesday where the Victory Cup will give away $52,000.
Teams from the schools' news classes are each assigned a nonprofit for which to produce a minute and a half long video package. The students conduct all the interviews, shoot all the video and edit the video.
Audubon Park eighth-grader Madie Clark is working on a video for Chance to Dance, a dance studio for students with special needs.
"I'm making sure what they say is recorded perfectly because we don't want what they say to be portrayed in any way they don't wan to be portrayed in," Clark said. "They were very, very kind and they seemed grateful we were helping with telling their story."
Alessa Ferrone is also working with Chance to Dance.
"You really get to dive into something that means a lot to these people and it's changing their lives and now it's changing mine because you're learning about something so meaningful," she said.
Victory Cup founder Ashley Vann says while the end product of the videos is beautiful, it's the process of making the videos that is what really matters.
"Every single solitary 13-year-old student on the video said separately and independently I now know I can make a huge impact," Vann said. "I can do something that will change the world for the better."
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