95-year-old daycare owner is 'Getting Results' Award winner

Isabell Shaughnessey has been taking care of kids in Winter Park since the early 70s

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Isabell Shaughnessey is this week's News 6 Getting Results Award winner. The 95-year-old has been taking care of children at her Winter Park day care since 1971.

Shaughnessey still cooks lunch at Kiddie Haven, near Lakemont Avenue, every Wednesday.

When we caught up with her she was preparing a dish she says the children look forward to, salad, beef-a-roni and bread and butter.

Retired, she still spends time at the school telling stories and getting hugs.

She was nominated for the Getting Results Award by one of her former students.

Vicki Zymowski is an alumnus from 1972-1979. Zymowski wrote us to say Shaughnessey should be recognized as one of Winter Park's truly outstanding citizens.

"They've known me since I was little," she says. "They've helped raise my children, so I'm just grateful for them and everything they do."

In fact, Zymowski says Shaughnessey and her day care are a bit of a Winter Park institution. One look at the walls, covered in photos of past students, is just a hint at the family atmosphere the school provides.

Shaughnessey's daughter, Shelly Rowley, has worked with her mom for 38 years. She says former students have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders in the community.

"We have raised a lot of Winter Park," she says. "You can't go to Publix without it taking a long time."