Getting Results Award winner comforts cancer patients with her quilts

She says 'when life gives you scraps, make a quilt'

ORLANDO, Fla. – Myrna Clayton is this week's Getting Results Award winner.

Clayton has donated thousands of custom quilts to the Gynecological Cancer Center at UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health over the past nine years.

The quilts are used by patients as they receive chemotherapy. Clinic rooms can be cold and therapy sessions often last hours.

Dr. Nathalie McKenzie, oncologist at the cancer center, says patients appreciate the thoughtful gesture. "To know that somebody actually spent the time to make these quilts for them, nice, cozy and comfy, it sends the message that we care and we want to comfort. That's exactly what cancer patients need."   

Clayton starts most days before the sun rises. Her sewing room stacked with all the materials necessary to create the one of a kind quilts that will comfort so many. Each quilt takes more than five hours to complete. 

"Most quilters have a passion for what they do," she says while stitching her favorite color thread, purple, through her latest creation. "I can indulge my passion for quilting but yet all the quilts are going to a worthwhile cause."

Clayton, a survivor herself, knows what the patients are dealing with. "This is a personal thing for me," she says.

The project started years ago with hats." I went to a relay for life event as a participant, as a survivor, and while I was there I saw someone wearing a scarf on their head," she says. "I started making these hats. They're colorful and they can be worn several different ways." She says someone told her quilts would be helpful in the clinics.

She's been making them ever since. "Not everybody wants a hat but everybody wants a quilt."

Clayton says this is her way of getting involved in the community.

"The secret to youth: get involved, keep busy, keep moving," she said. "If I can bring comfort to someone going through this with my quilts, that means a lot."




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