Seminole-Wekiva bike trail painter named Getting Results Award Winner

The Seminole-Wekiva bike trail in Longwood is home to a large collection of art work. It contains many famous faces, inspirational quotes and animals. Most people ride or walk past without ever knowing who took the time to paint it all. This week's Getting Results Award winner is Jeff Sonksen.

For the past four years, Sonksen has been painting non-stop. He's painted more than 1,000 works that stretch for nearly a mile. Sonksen says, "That's what everybody says, how many miles have you done? Well, not even one. Maybe 8 tenths of a mile. That's a lot though man. That's more than most people can walk."

Sonksen spends about six hours a day painting in the summer heat and it's the people who inspire him. He says, "I've seen art help people in a lot of mysterious ways man. I mean some really profound ways." He has inspired people to walk the trail and get healthy. Others have told Sonksen his work has inspired them to pick up a paint brush after many years without.

As for winning the Getting Results Award, Sonksen says, "That's awesome!"

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