Dentist gives veterans something to smile about

VA dentist inspires, educates and treats patients with compassion

LAKE NONA, Fla. – This week's Getting Results Award winner is giving veterans something to smile about. 

Dr. Pedro Andujar, prosthodontist at Orlando VA Medical Center, was nominated for both his skills as a dentist and his mentorship with the clinic's residency program. 

He was nominated by former student resident Crystal Kim. 

"It was probably one of the most life-changing experiences," she says of her time under Dr. Andujar's guidance. "He was an amazing mentor that was very patient. He truly loves what he does, he loves teaching, he loves being a mentor and most importantly I see how much he cares for his patients."  

Andujar, an Air Force veteran himself, has been practicing in Orlando for four years.

"I think my residents really enjoy it here because of the atmosphere," he says." We created an atmosphere of fun and that's the best way of learning is just have fun."

Prosthodontists typically work on cases that are more challenging or complex, beyond general dentistry. Kim calls it "super dentistry."

"I could see the change in the veterans," Kim says. "How comfortable they felt after they were treated by him." 

Kim says working in the VA Medical Center introduced her to the veteran community and gave her a better appreciation of their sacrifice. "Working with them day in and day out I got to know them on a personal level, I got to know what they do for our country."

She says she owes the experience to Dr. Andujar. "He's truly inspiring us every day to be better dentists and to better serve the community from the heart."

Andujar says he plans to finish his career at the VA Center, teaching future dentists and treating veterans. "I just do my job and I come here every day, work with the veterans, and I think that's the whole mission, to honor the veterans. That's what I do, that's what I enjoy." 

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