Reality TV stars raise money for kids in need

Hearts of Reality charity brings stars to Central Florida resort

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Mike Nunez is this week's Getting Results Award Winner.

Nunez started Hearts of Reality. The charity brings reality TV stars together to help kids with life threatening illnesses.

The annual event helps raise money for Give Kids the World Village. The 79-acre resort is a nonprofit dedicated to giving kids with life threatening illnesses and their families week long, cost-free vacations.

Since 1986 Give Kids the World has welcomed more than 143,000 families. But they couldn't do it without support and donations.

"I learned about Give Kids the World 15 years ago," Nunez recalls. "I always said if there was ever an opportunity for me to help them, I would."

Nunez promoted celebrity softball games as a teenager and relied upon those initial contacts for the first fundraisers eight years ago.

Since then the events have grown each year. This year 140 reality stars visited the resort in Kissimmee. The goal this year is to raise $175,000.

"He's just a great guy," says Give Kids the World President and CEO, Pamela Landwirth. "He's been a longtime supporter of the village and he came to us with this idea. It started very small and continued to grow."

  If you would like more information or learn how to donate visit the Give Kids the World, Hearts of Reality website. 


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