Getting Results Award: Coalition Flag Football League

Central Florida seems obsessed with football this time of year. One man is using his passion for the game to get results in homeless kids lives.

Mark Cavalleri picks up a group of kids each week from the Coaltion for the Homeless in Orlando every Saturday.

"This has been a huge part of my life and growth and healing as well," Cavalleri said. "I can't imagine my life without this."
His league is called the Coalition Flag Football League, or the CFFL. Cavalleri and a group of volunteers feed the kids and give them tons of love. Cavalleri chooses teams so no one gets picked last and everyone takes turns being quarterback.
Mark Cavalleri is this week's "Getting Results" award winner.

He says he was inspired to do this by his mom.

"My mom passed away about 5 years ago," he said. "I realized I wanted to make some sort of mark on this world. God has blessed me and I wanted to share those blessings with others."

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