Disney engineer makes learning fun at Pine Hills after-school robotics camp

Lee Wilson has been volunteering for six years at Boys & Girls Club

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lee Wilson is this week's Getting Results Award winner.

Wilson, a Walt Disney World engineer, has been volunteering twice a week at the Walt Disney branch of the Boys & Girls Club in Pine Hills for six years.

He started an after-school competitive robotics team called Rock Star Robotics, teaching kids the value of science and technology using real-world applications.

"Most kids don't really know what an engineer is," Wilson said. "So building robots, you understand the engineers solve problems."

Wilson is a mechanical engineer who works on stages and floats. He said the real-world examples help kids visualize the concepts.

"With the help of the Walt Disney World Co. we're able to connect the dots," Wilson told News 6. "We're able to show this principle we use in mathematics is what we use on our animatronic figures or this is what we use for our roller coasters or shows, and they can quickly relate."

He was nominated for the Getting Results Award by club Service Director Jose Bastias.

"I know of no other person who has given so selflessly and consistently of his time to disadvantaged youth," Bastias wrote in his nomination form.

Wilson said his mother taught him the importance of community service.

"We're just trying to help them understand that they can do whatever they want," Wilson said. "They can achieve any dream if they believe in themselves."

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