Grocery store manager takes customer service to new level

Getting Results Award winner offers help to stranger

DeLAND, Fla. – This week's Getting Results Award goes to DeLand Winn-Dixie manager, Chris Prugh. Prugh went above and beyond typical customer service to help a shopper in need.  

That customer was 64-year-old Sharon Elliott of De Leon Springs. 

Elliott said she felt helpless. She was in desperate need of back surgery. She could barely move, but had to reschedule the procedure several times because she couldn't find reliable care for her pets. 

"I never dreamed that when you're alone how hard it would be to have surgery," she said.

Elliott isn't entirely alone, she has three dogs, three cats and two birds. Like many, she considers them part of her family. 

"When you have them for so many years they're family," she said. 

But a chance encounter at her local grocery store changed her life. Winn Dixie Service manager, Chris Prugh, was walking her to her car, helping her with her grocery bags. A casual conversation in the parking lot revealed her situation.

"She kind of had a moment of grief and I asked her what was wrong. She said she needed surgery done but didn't have anyone she could rely on," Prugh said.  

The two had never spoken before, but he offered to help.

"I told her, 'Even though you don't know me, you know where I work and I see you often and if I can be of assistance I'd be glad to help,'" Prugh said.

She took him up on the offer and was able to have the much-needed surgery. Prugh took care of everything from feeding to cleaning up for all the animals. 

"When I came home from the surgery he was doing everything for me, he was doing dishes, bringing me food," Elliott said.

Elliot nominated Prugh for this week's Getting Results Award.

"I tell him thank you as much as I can," Elliott said.  "But I just kind of felt that it would be nice to have a little more recognition because not too many people would do what he did for me."


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