City pays for water damage in local woman's home

ORANGE CITY, Fla. – News 6 got results for Judy Wendland, who said she paid the city to do a job that they failed to do. 


"If it wasn't for Channel 6 News, I don't think I would have resolved this," Wendland said.


It's been nearly a month since News 6 spoke with Wendland, who blamed Orange City for water damage to her laundry room after she paid them to shut off the water while she went on vacation. Wendland said she returned home to a mess that the city didn't want to clean up and paid $1,000 insurance deductible on top of a $70 water fee.


 But it was only good news once our story aired.


"The city and I came to an amicable resolution of this and I'm happy with that," Wendland said.


On Dec. 9, the city's resolution manager sent an email to Wendland that stated while they don't see any liability on their behalf, they were willing to offer $1,000 to settle her claim. The city also agreed to give Wendland a $70 water credit.


Wendland showed News 6 her new laundry room that she hopes will be completed soon.


"Without Channel 6 News, I wouldn't have gotten the results that I got," Wendland said.



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