Clothing donations help keep Sanford residents warm this winter

Getting Results Award winner starts grassroots clothing drive

SANFORD, Fla. – Daniel Lewis is this week's Getting Results Award winner. Lewis was nominated for starting clothing drives to help the homeless and less fortunate in the City of Sanford.  

The "Blanket and Jacket Drive," collected over 800 jackets and blankets this winter. A sock drive last summer collected over 500 pairs of socks. 

News 6 was there as volunteers sorted through boxes, bags and plastic bins piled high with clothes. The staging area was inside The Center for Wellness in Downtown Sanford.    

"As someone who lives in Sanford, I wanted to make it a mission this winter to make everyone feel a little comfortable and try to keep everyone from being cold." Lewis says as he pulls a handful of blankets out of a plastic storage bin. 

The bins were placed outside businesses in the downtown Sanford area, many would be filled in a day.  

The home grown charity worked in partnership with the Picnic Project, a licensed 501(c)(3). The Picnic Project gathers on Sundays at First United Methodist Church of Sanford, providing meals and clothing to the area's needy. Everything collected from the clothing drives go to residents living in the city.

Hundreds gathered inside the fellowship hall as the clothing was distributed, many looking for something with just the right fit.     

Megan Woodman found a thick blanket she says will be perfect for when the temperature drops. "I think its wonderful to see the people coming out here and helping the lower income community and the homeless because without these people I don't know where a lot of them would be."

Lewis says it was his work with the chamber of commerce and being introduced to the Picnic Project that inspired him.  

"My work with the chamber of commerce is about trying to make the community economically better," he says. "All the work we do here whether it pays off in a paycheck or thankfulness it's really the same kind of currency to me. There's no better way to support where you live and where you work than helping people out. It pays itself."

If you would like more information on the Picnic Project and future clothing drives contact: or



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