High school chorus director 'Gets Results,' inspires students with song

Edgewater H.S. chorus program grows under Director Alex Glover's leadership

ORLANDO, Fla. – Alex Glover, Edgewater High School chorus director, is this week's Getting Results Award winner.

High above Glover's classroom hangs a sign that says "there is no "I" in chorus, but there is an "us." It's a slogan Glover seems to take to heart.

"I try really hard to connect with students on their level," he says when asked about his teaching method. "By investing in them personally and individually, it makes them feel like someone cares."

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Glover was nominated by Kelly Lafferman, whose daughter, Ava, is a student of Glover's.

Lafferman says Glover is a positive influence who inspires his students and encourages self-confidence.

"Mr. Glover is just inspiring, he's funny, he's outgoing, the kids absolutely love him and they respond to him," she says. "I just really think he deserves this. Sometimes teachers don't get the recognition they deserve and they work really hard."

Proof of Glover's popularity can be found in student enrollment. The chorus program has grown from 10 students five years ago, before Glover started at Edgewater, to more than 200 this year under his leadership.
Mark Shanoff, Edgewater principal, says it's Glover's personality that sets him apart.

I think he's real and I think the kids, especially high school kids, really know and they relate to someone who's authentic and original." Shanoff says the kids naturally connect with him because of his passion.

That passion was on display the day News 6 anchor Matt Austin surprised him with a custom plaque and announced to the class he had won the award.

"This is what I love to do," Glover says. "If they (students) weren't here, I couldn't do my job. I'd have no one to teach. They mean so much more to me than they'll ever understand."


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