Winter Springs woman has been delivering mail for 45 years

Alice Eveard is this week's Getting Results Award winner

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – While most people her age plan their day around "The Early Bird Special," Alice Eveard is one special early bird.

This week's "Getting Results Award Winner" has been delivering mail for 45 years.

"You've let the secret out of the bag. There's an 80-year-old woman working at the post office," Eveard said.

She currently serves the people of Winter Springs.

Inside the neighborhoods she works for, neighbors said she's a legend. Eveard is known for her sweet disposition and an incredible work ethic.

"Oh, she's incredible. She's a beast, she's famous in the neighborhood," one customer said. 

According to the Post Office, Eveard has driven one million miles without an accident. 

But, things haven't always been easy for Eveard. In fact, she got her start as a mail carrier after a tragedy.

"We had a son that passed away," Eveard said. 

She said the mail truck gave her a distraction and direction. She's been doing it ever since. 


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