Teacher helps students sing their way to learning math

Lara McIvor teacher at Northlake Park Elementary School

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – One teacher's techniques are making a lasting impression on her students and getting results in our schools.

Northlake Park Elementary School fifth graders in Lara McIvor's math class get to sing their way to a better understanding of mathematical concepts.

She writes songs, and even produces award-winning math videos to help her students. McIvor has won the National Museum of Mathematics' Songwriting Competition two years in a row. Shesays the really wonderful thing is knowing these lessons stick with the kids as they move on to state testing and high grade levels.


"When you hit fifth grade, sixth grade, there's so much you have to remember constantly that goes beyond a basic algorithm. So that's why I write the music to really teach them how to solve it, but remember it that way," McIvor said.

McIvor's former students have some advice for future classes: "Pay attention!"

"You better pay attention, because her steps really help you out throughout middle, high and college, even if you still remember them," Hanzford Caine, a rising sixth grader, said.

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