Student-developed curriculum educates students on real world issues

Problem Solving Incubator available at Lake Mary, Seminole, Lyman high schools

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – At Lake Mary, Lyman and Seminole High Schools, there's a brand new innovative curriculum for 9th and 10th-graders called the Problem Solving Incubator (PSI).

Thanks to a million-dollar win from the national Project XQ Super School Competition, 9th and 10th grade students have a new elective choice called the Problem Solving Incubator.  Developed by students, this new program will give them educational experiences based on real world issues. Once students tap into their passions and interests, they'll decide on a large scale problem to work on together all school year that takes them into the real world.

"We really tried to design a program that does two things incredibly well: one, students engaging in authentic real world work with communities and business partners; two, students working collaboratively in building relationships with each other and with their teachers," project manager Derek Jensen, said.

The long term goal is to take PSI from an elective to a system-wide model. Exciting new learning opportunities like this are popping up all over the country. To learn more, look for a special program coming up on News 6 on Sept. 8.