OCPS's 'Expectation: Graduation' helps many obtain diplomas

Door-to-door outreach helps those who haven't finished high school

ORLANDO, Fla. – Getting a second chance to finish high school can change everything.

This weekend, all Orange Technical College campus locations will be open to the public to help people who want to figure out their options to finish their high school education. It's part of a door-to-door effort to reach those who haven't finished school. 

On Saturday, the "Expectation: Graduation" team from Orange County Public Schools, including the superintendent, will hit the streets to find people who haven't obtained their high school diplomas. Their simple request: show up and we'll show you how.

The initiative is entering its fifth year of getting out into the community and inviting dropouts to come back and finish.

This year, school guidance and admissions counselors will be on hand at all five OTC campuses to walk potential students through their options.

"Since we started Expectation: Graduation, we've had over 180 students come through, of which we've had 62 students graduate with a high school diploma. Others are still in the program working toward a diploma," said Osvaldo Piedra, senior administrator of minority achievement office for OCPS.

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