House committee passes texting and driving bill, next step is Senate committee vote

Bill would make texting and driving a primary offense


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Lawmakers in Tallahassee cast their vote to approve House Bill 33 Thursday. The bill is aimed at make texting and driving a primary offense in Florida. The bill passed two previous committees in the House. 

Last week, News 6 Matt Austin testified in front of the committee and shared his personal experience after being hit by a driver who admitted to texting and driving. 

Watch Austin's full testimony, below: 

 "Forty-six states have primary enforcement (for texting and driving), but we (Florida) do not," Austin said. "As you know all legitimate data shows primary enforcement saves lives." 

In late 2017 lawmakers introduced bills in the Senate and House that would make distracted driving in Florida illegal. Both bills, HB 30 and SB 90, have been moving swiftly through committees.

SB 90 has passed through three committees and has one to go. 

The vote could come as early as next week, and if both bills pass they will go in front of the full legislative body for merger, debate and a final vote.