Healing Butterfly tea developed to help others overcome adversity

Woman creates tea to fight miscarriage stigma

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nine years ago Michael and Jackie Hirsch were married underneath palm trees.

Their dream to start a family was just beginning, but the journey would be long.

"I had been pregnant six times in five years," Jackie Hirsch said.

Her second pregnancy welcomed a healthy baby girl, Malena, but the pregnancies that followed were hard on Jackie Hirsch's health. She said with every pregnancy came the fear of the unknown and the question of whether or not their family would be able to grow again.

With every miscarriage, Jackie Hirsch described a full mind and body transformation.

"You're supposed to show up and look normal all the time, and that's not easy to do when you don't feel well," Jackie Hirsch said.

It reached a critical point when Hirsch was rushed to the hospital with severe pain in her abdomen. An ectopic pregnancy was growing outside of her uterus.

"Even with the ultrasound, they somehow couldn't see the ectopic pregnancy just from where it was sitting, and so they went into the surgery blind," Jackie Hirsch said.

Her husband was left feeling helpless during the emergency surgery.

"Men are supposed to kind of be immune to the miscarriage,"  Michael Hirsch said.

"It was really hard on him to have that loss consistently and to watch me go through all these problems and not really being able to do anything," Jackie Hirsch said.

Jackie Hirsch recovered from her surgery and later decided that for her own health, and for her family, she would not get pregnant again.

"I think that was the worst actually, was letting go of the dream and realizing you have to find a new dream," Jackie Hirsch said.

A businesswoman by trade, Jackie Hirsch began researching and building another business to help other women healing from miscarriage.

"And Healing Butterfly was born. I was on this journey of creating new flavors and combining superfoods," Jackie Hirsch said.

Until she met her match with matcha, a finely ground powder of green tea leaves proven to boost metabolism, enhance weight loss and provide a caffeine alternative to coffee.

The Hirsch family worked together to find farms with the highest quality organic Matcha tea, in Japan.

"We have people who head up cancer groups that call us, and they drink our product just because they don't drink coffee, it's too acidic," Jackie Hirsch said.

She said it's well-known that she calls her matcha tea company her second child. Healing Butterfly was named by her daughter and is meant to be a comfort to anyone suffering from miscarriage, child loss or any health challenge.

"I'm not saying time heals all wounds, but you will see the gift in this tragedy, and you will take that gift and you will do something to help others and make the world a better place," Jackie Hirsch said.

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