Orlando church presents News 6 with community service award

Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church recognizes News 6 during Community Guest Day

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 recognizes people in our community who are getting results, but this time the tables were turned on us.

Bethel Seventh Day Adventist church invited the station to its service Saturday morning to honor News 6 during its Community Guest Day.

The church said the day is dedicated to recognizing and thanking people in the community who are making a difference in the Central Florida community.

Church leaders presented the award to the station that reads, "Presented to News 6 anchors, reporters, and investigators for your exemplary service to the Central Florida Communities. Thank you for getting actual results! You are awesome!"

Rose Marie Cummings, with the church, said they see how News 6 gets results for the greater Orlando area every day.

"They have coined the phrase Getting Results and that's exactly what they do. Every day the reporters go out, the anchors report the news, and the investigators, they have a team that bar none. They're good, they're that good and they're real," Cummings said.

News 6's anchor Amanda Castro accepted the award on behalf of WKMG.

"We do this for our community. We get results for you. That is our job and we take it seriously. That is something we strive for every single day," Castro said. "We appreciate you acknowledging and recognizing that. It means a lot to us."

The church presents this award twice a year. In the past, leaders have recognized police officers, firefighters and social workers.

News 6 is grateful for the recognition and is proud to be of service to our community.