Overgrown weeds, trash make bus stop dangerous for kids, Leesburg residents say

Conditions force students to walk, wait in street, neighbors say

LEESBURG, Fla. – Neighbors in one part of Lake County say it’s no longer safe for students to wait at a Leesburg school bus stop.

News 6 received several complaints about the bus stop, located on Sunnyside Drive, just south of Main Street. Residents said the bus stop is overrun with weeds and debris.

Sara Collins walks her nieces and nephews to the stop every day.

“It looks disgusting. It looks like a trash hole,” she said.

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Other neighbors said the overgrown conditions forced kids to walk and wait in the street.

“If you don’t care about children at a bus stop, there’s something wrong with you,” Collins added. “Sometimes I’ll take the kids to school. I don’t like standing over there with them.”

News 6 notified the Leesburg city manager’s office and the Lake County School District.

Both told News 6 they were not aware of this issue but plan on looking into the matter, regardless of whether or not the stretch of road is maintained by the county or the city.

Within just a few hours, News 6 watched as a Lake County Public Works crew showed up and began picking up trash and mowing the area.

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