18 dogs who officially won Halloween

These dogs have the best Howl-o-ween costumes

By Jack Roskopp - Graham Media Group

Via Instagram.

Don't even bother dressing up for this year's Halloween because these dogs just slayed the game and officially won the Halloween costume of our hearts. Sure, they got some help from their humans, but could a human serve up the looks required to transform into a tiger or Frida Kahlo? I don't think so, honey!

So without further adieu, here are the dogs that absolutely won Halloween this year. 


This dog, who is the life of the pawty.


I am made of candy. Obviously. 🐾

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Tony would like his costume back, sir. 



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This dog may not be a Boxer, but he sure looks like one. 


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Ramen doodles for everyone!


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Put your paws up and no one will get hurt!


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This dog, who is such a weenie. 


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This dog, who is channeling his best Harry Pawter. 


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This dog is serving Frida Kahowlo realness and we are here for it. 


One more sleep until Halloween! I used face paint for that epic brow, twisted some fake flowers together for her crown, used a necklace and scarf for her outfit, of course she is rocking her @lewisandclarkcollarco collar . I am a huge fan of art, my major in college was Art Education. . . Discount codes: @lewisandclarkcollarco -Lux10 @haleyshoundhaus -Lux25 @dogs.and.daisies -Lux10 @lunarbearco -Lux15 . . #amaturephotography #petphotography #petphotos #canon #canonphotography #canonrebel #arizona #arizonaphotography #dogphotography #gilbert #gilbertdog #halloweencostume #dogcostume #halloween #fridakahlo #artist #kangal #turkishkangal #lgd #largebreed #blackandtan #beautyqueen

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Scooby Doo, is that you?


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They say all dogs go to heaven, right? Well, maybe not this devil dog. 


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When your Beanie Baby comes to life. 


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Oui, oui!


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Can we just taco 'bout this dog's costume? 


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He just wants a kiss!


Free hugs & kisses! Any takers?💋#puckerup #halloween #kisses #sweetassugar #freekisses

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I'll take one puppuccino, please.  


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This dog thinks he's a woofa!  


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Please rise, Notorious D.O.G. is taking the bench. 


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May the force be with you.  


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Happy Howl-o-ween!  

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