Algae-eating robot helps clean Florida

Ecosphere Technologies saysmachine will rid coasts green sludge

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. – Algae that has taken over waterways along both of south Florida's coasts may have met its match.

A company said it has an algae-eating machine that can process thousands of gallons of water per minute.

Ecosphere Technologies said the machine will rid the coasts of the toxic, thick, green sludge that is destroying wildlife and hurting the tourism industry.

Over the weekend, the company demonstrated what it hopes will restore the community.

"We destroy very tough bacteria strains, as well as algae levels, within various types of water, so we'll be processing roughly approximately 4,000 gallons a minute in this area for the next few days," Ecosphere's Stephen Leighton said.

The company hopes to continue the process throughout the coming days and have a Martin County marina cleared out by the end of the week.