Florida lawmaker uses his nose -- literally -- to get flu bill passed

Measure would let pharmacists test customers for flu


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – How far is Florida Rep. Tyler Sirois (R-Cocoa) willing to go to get a bill passed?

On Thursday, he let fellow Republican Rep. Cary Pigman shove a stick up his nose as news cameras recorded the image outside the House chamber.

Sirois is trying to pass a bill to let pharmacists test customers for the flu and provide treatment on the spot. Pigman is a medical doctor, and demonstrated how easy it is to swab a nose and use a machine to find out within minutes whether someone has the flu. Sirois' results were negative.

At least 15 states allow pharmacists to test and treat for the flu, but sick Floridians have to go to a doctor to be tested.

Sirois and Republican Sen. Jeff Brandes say their bills will allow sick Floridians to get treated quickly and keep the virus from spreading.